Lesson-Swap is a free utility for ESL teachers around the world to exchange lesson materials. We believe that by promoting quality lessons from successful teachers, we can increase the overall quality of ESL education.

All lessons are classroom-tested and categorized by country and student level. Search for materials that are applicable to your classroom, download the documents, and make adjustments to suit the needs of your students.

Lesson-Swap was originally developed for foreign teachers in China. Now, as the site's functionality is growing, we are expanding our scope to ESL teachers all over the globe.

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This is a community. If you found a lesson that you loved on Lesson-Swap, we encourage you to contribute back! We think everybody has some innovation brewing in their noggins and that amazing idea might be exactly what somebody else is looking for.
That's the current number of lessons currently on Lesson-Swap. Hopefully, you'll find that perfect lesson but at the very least you'll leave with a few great ideas. Each lesson has a picture, title, description, and documents but users can also include a video of their lesson...all features that can help you decide what you'd like to incorporate in your own classrooms.

It's sifting made easy.
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