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Communities feature will be released within one week
A new feature on Lesson Swap will allow users to join communities. Members within a community can choose to upload lesson materials privately within that community, or can continue uploading them so they are viewable by the general Lesson Swap population. Also, community members will have access to a private forum; they can discuss topics related to the community, teaching, or anything else.

The first community will be designated for WorldTeach, the non-profit that recently joined forces with Lesson Swap to enhance international ESL education. If you are a member of WorldTeach, you will soon be able to request an invitation to the WorldTeach community on Lesson Swap.

We hope that this new feature will be useful for all Lesson Swappers. When creating it, we tried to strike a balance between collaboration, innovation, and privacy. If you have any questions or feedback regarding communities, we’d love to hear it; send an e-mail to
Lesson-Swap and WorldTeach team up
Lesson-Swap is proud to announce that it is now working with WorldTeach, a non-profit organization that places volunteer ESL teachers in schools around the world. Both organizations have similar interests in improving the ESL community.

WorldTeach will be the first group to have a dedicated community on Lesson-Swap. This means that members within the WorldTeach community will have the option to share lessons that will not be available to the general Lesson-Swap population. In addition, members of the WorldTeach Community will be able to exchange messages via a private forum.

By working together, we hope to foster camaraderie among all ESL teachers and ultimately improve the overall quality of ESL instruction.
Version 2.5 of Lesson Swap is released
The site has been completely revamped. We've kept the best features from the previous version, developed new features, and planned new ideas for the future. One of the most notable changes is the sleeker layout but the cascading lesson search has been kept intact. The lesson review and 5-star rating system has been replaced with a discussion/comment section and an up/down voting system. The voting is anonymous and you may only vote once for each lesson. The upload system now accepts compressed files such as .zip files but visitors to Lesson-Swap will now have to be registered to download any lesson material/documents.

There are some good things in the works including a comprehensive discussion tab where the Lesson-Swap community can talk about lesson ideas, classroom management techniques, cultural questions, etc. We're also in the early development stages of a Community application specifically for use by ESL organizations. Within the application, organizations will be able to create their own communities where lessons and discussion topics will remain private unless specially marked by their members. It's a way for organizations to maintain some privacy while also contributing to the ESL community at large. A release date is currently set for March 2014; however, this date may change in the future.